Federal Employee Defense Services (FEDS) provides premier professional liability insurance to the entire federal employee community. For executives and managers, it is the constant public scrutiny, politically motivated criticisms and accountability demands that federal managers in all agencies are subjected to, that has increased professional and personal liability exposures. Congress even enacted special legislation requiring agencies to reimburse all managers and supervisors up to half the cost of professional liability insurance due to the risks associated with your federal employment that cannot be completely cured with legislation.

FEDS is recommended and endorsed by the Senior Executives Association, the Federal Managers Association, the Professional Managers Association and other leading federal manager associations.

You can visit the Executive and Manager pages of FEDS website at for more information about your liability exposures.

You can also view FEDS 5-minute PLI webinar. This brief webinar features FEDS President, Anthony Vergnetti, explains what FEDS' professional liability insurance policy provides and how it protects federal executives, managers and supervisors against professional and financial exposures.

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"In my nearly 30 years as an attorney in and around the federal employee community, I have seen many employees, including managers and executives, unjustly treated and wrongfully accused of misconduct. Considering this, I cannot imagine any federal employee not having professional liability benefits - especially a supervisor or a worker in law enforcement or homeland security. Federal employees today simply cannot have a career without having someone complain in some fashion at some time. Whether it's an EEO complaint, an allegation of wrongdoing, whistleblower or other reprisal or even some complaint from the public, a federal employee's job and livelihood could be unfairly at risk. A professional liability policy is the best way for federal employees to be able to do their jobs and also sleep well at night, knowing they are protected and can defend themselves if a claim is filed. The staff at FEDS has shown a commitment to federal employees and I am sure that anyone who purchases professional liability protection with the FEDS association will be well served in the unfortunate event that he or she runs into problems at work. It is a great product and the people at FEDS truly understand and care about the federal community."

--William L. Bransford, Founder, Shaw Bransford & Roth P.C., a federal employment law firm based in Washington DC

To learn more about William Bransford's accomplishments during his career visit his Memorial Page on the Shaw Bransford & Roth site.


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