Trump Cybersecurity Plan Met with Positive Response

An unusual level of consensus seems to have arisen in Washington, D.C. surrounding the release of the Trump administration’s new national cybersecurity strategy document, which was released September 20th. According to Fifth Domain, “the strategy calls for more offensive cyber attacks and attempts to bolster America’s digital defenses by creating new norms online.”

The report focuses on four “pillars,” including protecting critical infrastructure, building a cyber-focused workforce, and deterring cyberattacks. It takes steps including the creation of a Cyber Deterrence Initiative involving partnerships with international allies.

Following the release of the strategy document, former Obama administration cyber czar Michael Daniel, who now serves as president of the Cyber Threat Alliance, praised the document.

“This document shows what a national strategy can look like on an issue that truly is nonpartisan,” Daniel tweeted. “It strikes a good balance between defensive actions and seeking to impose consequences on malicious actors. Further, it’s clear that this strategy is a reflection of a strong policy development process across administrations.”

Daniel wasn’t the only Democrat to vocally praise the cybersecurity plan.

“The White House strategy document outlines a number of important and well-established cyber priorities,” said Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va. “The administration must now move beyond vague policy proposals and into concrete action towards achieving those goals.”

The plan did meet with some modest opposition, including from Rep. Jim Langevin (D-RI). Langevin said the plan “largely a restatement of recommendations that have carried through the last several administrations” and that “the document often fails to provide the strategic guidance regarding what trade-offs we should expect to make between regulating, supporting, and responding to the needs of critical infrastructure owners and operators.”

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