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White House Communications Director Resigns, More to Follow?

White House communications director, Michael Dubke, resigned recently in what several news outlets claim is only the beginning of the President’s personnel shake-up.

After holding the position for three months, Dubke said his departure was for “personal” reasons in an email send to friends and colleagues.

“It has been my great honor to serve President Trump and his admin. It has also been my distinct pleasure to work side by side, day by day, with the staff of the communications and press depts. This White House is filled with some of the finest and hardest working men and women in the American government,” Dubke wrote in his letter.


Dubke, 47, was a behind-the-scenes player who helped manage the White House communications strategy, including the aftermath of President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey. Before joining the White House in February, he was a Republican strategist and founder of Crossroads Media, reports NPR.

With reports circulating about President Trump bringing in trusted former aides, Dubke’s resignation may be the tip of the iceberg as the White House struggles to make progress on its policy agenda amid FBI and congressional investigations into potential Trump ties to Russia.

Among the names of those the President may bring in are former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and former deputy campaign manager David Bossie.

A source close to the administration — who blames a "hostile" press for some of Trump's problems — said that a major shakeup is needed to get the White House back on track, reports Buzzfeed.

"There has been unneeded aloofness and antagonism from the White House," the source said, while pointing a finger at communications shortcomings as major story after major story has hit the administration in the evening hours seemingly day after day.

"Their response has been to crawl into a hole," the source said.



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