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Senior Executives Leading the Charge in Civil Service Reform

The Senior Executives Association recently unveiled their new strategy to strengthen the Senior Executive Service and provide them with greater support. 

The plan, composed of four pillars, seeks to:

  1. Strengthen the SES and Career Leadership Corps to Meet Current and Future National Requirements
  2. Contribute to a Leadership Pipeline that Produces Passionate & Dedicated Federal Executives
  3. Become a Thought Leader in Washington’s Policy Debates
  4. Build a World Class Senior Executives Association

“Since 1980, SEA has been ‘the voice’ of Federal government career senior executive leaders, but simply being a voice of career leaders isn’t enough,” said Valdez. “We need to give Federal government career leaders the tools and the training they need to respond to and grow with our rapidly changing society.”

SEA launched their new strategy at a breakfast held Thursday morning at the Hart Senate Office Building, where Senator Heitkamp gave a few words.

“If we want to assist the federal workforce in doing their job, we have to listen to the federal workforce,” Heitkamp said. “A lot of people want to do things to you. But Sen. Lankford and I want to do things with you.”

To download the full strategy, visit the SEA website.

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