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Struggles Continue in the Process to Reform Security Clearances Practices

The latest report released on shows the Obama Administration has missed its own deadlines for reforming the security clearance process.

Following the 2013 Navy Yard shooting, the President tasked the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) along with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM); Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI); Homeland Security, Justice and Defense departments with creating a Suitability and Security Process Review. The panel came back with 13 recommendations which were put into three main categories: increasing the availability of information to improve decision making, reducing the inherent risk in the current security clearance process and developing holistic, enterprise solutions to clearance operations.

The multiple agencies in charge of supervising these reforms have listed a variety of reasons for missed deadlines, including lack of implementation resources, legislative interference and lack of agency cooperation.

The lack of progress “demonstrates the growing reality that a fully implemented insider threat program across the entire executive branch will require more time than originally allotted,” Joel Melstad, a spokesman for ODNI, told GovExec.

Sen. John Tester (D-MT) also spoke to GovExec on the matter:

“These delays are completely unacceptable. Congress came together and passed reforms to strengthen the security clearance process, and it’s long past time for the administration to implement these changes so we can better protect our nation, and reduce the insider threats facing our country.”

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