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SEA Releases Presidential Transition Handbook

The Senior Executives Association (SEA) Professional Development League (PDL) has released its inaugural transition handbook.

While most transition planning focuses on incoming political leadership, the Handbook is the first of its kind, designed specifically for federal career executives, to help guide and advise them during this time of presidential transition.

The Handbook on Presidential Transition for Federal Career Executives was created with the support of the Distinguished Executives Advisory Network (DEAN’s List), a group created with help from the Volcker Alliance, and is made up of Senior Executive Service (SES) and Senior Professional (SP) members who have received the Presidential Rank of Distinguished Executive or Distinguished Senior Professional.

Drawing from the knowledge and experience of the DEAN’s List, it outlines transitions basics – including the new Presidential Transitions Improvement Act – and defines the role of career federal executives in the presidential transition process. It also offers insight and resources to help steer career executives through the transition.

Check out SEA Interim President Jason Briefel and DEAN’S List member Jan Lane, president and CEO of VISIO Consulting, discussing the handbook and the transition on Government Matters.

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