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President Signs Presidential Transition Legislation

President Obama recently signed the Edward "Ted" Kaufman and Michael Leavitt Presidential Transitions Improvements Act of 2015, which would provide more time and resources for an administration to prepare its hand-off to the next.

The new law requires that a White House-led senior-level interagency transition council be in place at least six months prior to Election Day. A standing, working-level interagency group must also develop a strategy for transitions. This summer, agencies will be required to direct a senior career official from each major component or subcomponent to oversee the transition. Additionally, the General Services Administration (GSA) must designate a career employee as the federal transition coordinator who will support the incoming president and team.

Training will also be expanded for incoming presidential appointees.

In a statement, the Partnership for Public Service President Max Stier said, “The strong bipartisan support for this legislation reflects the importance of cooperation across government in ensuring a smooth presidential transition. The bill fundamentally improves how the outgoing administration, federal agencies and the incoming teams work together on a seamless transfer of knowledge and power.”

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