President Obama Issues Memo to Agency and Department Heads on Domestic Violence in Federal Workplace

President Barack Obama has issued a memorandum to executive department and agency heads directing them to create agency-specific policies and procedures to address domestic violence in the federal workplace.

“It is the policy of the Federal Government to promote the health and safety of its employees by acting to prevent domestic violence within the workplace and by providing support and assistance to Federal employees whose working lives are affected by such violence,” Obama wrote in the memo.

In the memo, Obama directed the director of the Office of Personnel Management to issue guidance to agencies on domestic violence-preventing policies as well as the effects of domestic violence in the federal workforce, including guidance on early intervention, assisting employee victims, leave policies related to domestic violence situations and appropriate disciplinary action against employees who commit acts of domestic violence.

Obama also asked that department and agency heads report to OPM on any agency-specific policies and practices for addressing domestic violence in the workforce. Agencies should also develop and modify any agency-specific policies used to address domestic violence in the workplace, Obama wrote.

“As the Nation’s largest employer, the Federal Government should act as a model in responding to the effects of domestic violence on its workforce,” he wrote. “Executive departments and agencies have taken steps to address this issue…By building on these important efforts and existing policies, the Federal Government can further address the effects of domestic violence on its workforce.”

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