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Pentagon Study Reveals $125 Billion in Wasteful Spending

An investigative piece published by the Washington Post revealed an internal Pentagon study that exposed $125 billion in administrative waste. 

Issued in January 2015, the report mapped out a five year plan for the Department of Defense to save $125 billion without requiring layoffs of civil servants or reductions in military personnel. The savings would instead be attained through attrition and early retirements, reductions in the use of contractors and better use of information technology.

The study was initially requested to gain insight into how to improve efficiency and reinvest any savings in combat power, but the overwhelmingly wasteful findings prompted leaders to discredit and suppress the results. They worried the results might encourage Congress and the White House to institute more spending cuts for department.

Secrecy restrictions were imposed on the data and a summary report that was once public was from a Pentagon website.

Read the full, in-depth article at the Washington Post


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