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OPM to Re-mail Another Round of Security Breach Notification Letters

In a message sent out to a group of stakeholders on Monday, the Office of Personnel Management’s Acting Director Beth Cobert acknowledged that a number of individuals whose personal information was stolen during the hack of the government background investigation database have not been notified yet.

“About 10 percent of the letters intended to reach those impacted by the background investigation incident were returned because people had moved, the letters were incorrectly addressed, or other factors,” she said.

“We have worked to get updated addresses for those whose letters were returned and we are now remailing letters to those who did not receive their original notification letter for the background investigation records incident,” Cobert said. “The letter being mailed will clearly state at the top that it is a duplicate of the letter previously sent, but not successfully delivered.”

Cobert also gave an update on the identity theft insurance policy being offered, which has automatically been increased from a maximum $1 million to $5 million, and assured recipients that OPM is working to extend services to 10 years.

To eliminate questions of legitimacy, the re-mailed letter will be posted to OPM’s website.

Those who have not formally been notified and wish to check on their status or have questions can also do so though the website or by calling 866-408-4555.

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