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OPM Reminds Feds of Excused Absence for Voting

memo recently released from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is being circulated to ensure federal employees are aware of policies regarding voting in their communities.

Employees are allotted a limited time off from work to vote in Federal, State, county, or municipal elections, or in referendums on any civic matter in their community. 

At the discretion of the agency head, employees may be granted an excused absence in limited circumstances.

The memo notes: “Typically, polling places throughout the United States are open for extended periods of time, and an increasing number of jurisdictions are offering early voting options. Therefore, excused absence should rarely be needed.


The memo also encouraged agencies to consider several guidelines when creating their policies on excused absence for voting in the upcoming election. This included a window for employees to leave early or come in late where the polls are not open at least 3 hours either before or after an employee’s regular work time and consideration of an employee’s commuting distance.

Review the full memo: Excused Absence for Voting


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