OPM Recommends Major Changes to CFC

The Office of Personnel Management is working to update the Combined Federal Campaign to help encourage participation, according to the Federal Times.

The proposed rules were based on recommendations developed by the CFC-50 Commission, a group of former lawmakers that was responsible for reviewing the current CFC structure and processes and recommending changes.

OPM Director John Berry was pleased with the proposed rules.

“They will make the CFC more efficient, more transparent, more accountable and more relevant to federal, postal and military service personnel who want to make the biggest impact with their donations,” Berry wrote in the document.

The proposals included recommendations to consolidate 184 local federal coordinating committees into larger regional committees, doing away with cash donations and moving the beginning of the charity drive from September to October and ending in January instead of December. 

The proposed rules need to be approved by the Office of Management and Budget before being posted in the Federal Register for public comment, the Federal Times said.

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