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OPM Proposal Would Increase Pay for Senior Feds

Under a recently proposed rule, senior leaders would be eligible to earn higher pay if their agency’s appraisal system is approved by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). 

The rule would implement a law from 2008, giving employees the opportunity for an increase following a full performance cycle after OPM had certified their agency’s system. Those who receive proposed performance awards would be subject to a review from a central review panel, similar to the certification of SES bonuses by a Performance Review Board.

The certification from OPM would last for 24 months, and agencies would have to adjust SES pay and performance award bonuses within five months of receiving a performance rating. Agencies would also be responsible for educating senior leaders on the ratings distribution, in addition to the average pay adjustments and performance awards for each rating.

“It is critical that agencies have and utilize all tools available to retain and appropriately compensate executive leaders, particularly those with specialized skills and knowledge,” stated Senior Executives Association (SEA), President Bill Valdez, in a comment submitted on the proposal.

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