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OPM Introduces New Employee Engagement Tools and Guidance

With many agencies concluding performance appraisal periods and beginning planning for the next cycle, The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has issued a memo with some helpful information on performance management.

The memo refreshes how to close out current appraisal periods with the rate and reward system, as well as how to prepare for the next period through planning, monitoring and development. It also highlights some new philosophies and revisions.

One new concept emphasized in the memo is the introduction of “Performance Management Plus,” where the “plus” folds in employee engagement. The goal is to empower and encourage supervisors to engage their employees in all stages and aspects of the performance management process.

“Research and data have proven that successful performance management requires continuous engagement between employees and supervisors throughout the performance appraisal period – meaningfully fulfilling the purpose of each procedural step,” said Acting Director Beth Cobert in a memo.

The memo also applauds the cross-agency efforts to revise the Senior Executive Service (SES) Performance Appraisal System Certification Process. Launched in October, the process is said to ‘significantly streamline and improve the review and OPM certification of Federal agencies’ SES performance appraisal systems.’

Additionally, OPM announced the release of a new training course entitled, “Maximizing Employee Engagement.” 

The online, interactive course is available for use by agency SES Candidate Development Program (SESCDP) coordinators, executive development program coordinators, and future and current executives. The course integrates electronic job aids and activities to increase and enhance learning and is designed to help educate and provide Federal leaders with knowledge and strategies to successfully support employee engagement.


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