OPM, Mobile Work Exchange Launch New Telework Calculator and Toolkit

On Tuesday this week, while snow kept most of the Washington, D.C. area federal workforce at home, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and Mobile Work Exchange released a new telework toolkit.

The toolkit and telework calculator are designed to help managers assess the full costs and benefits of telework for their employees and their organizations.

The toolkit, developed collaboratively by OPM and Mobile Work Exchange, and calculator can be used to determine return on investment (RoI) on mobility value factors such as continuity of operations (COOP), environmental impact, productivity, real estate and utilities, and employee retention.

“One of the greatest challenges for Federal telework programs is the ability to accurately measure success. We hope this resource drives future success by serving as a model for agencies in different stages of telework implementation,” said Rebecca Ayers, Manager, Performance Management Solutions at OPM.

“To present a strong business case for telework and mobility, agencies need to identify specific, measurable value and cost factors to demonstrate how these programs either reduce current costs or avoid future costs,” said Cindy Auten, general manager, Mobile Work Exchange. “The RoI Toolkit not only provides concrete examples of agency best practices based on specific successes, but it also provides a way for agencies to easily estimate hard numbers for actual and hypothetical scenarios.”

To access the telework toolkit, click here.

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