OPM Issues Report on Pay Equality in Government

OPM Issues Report on Pay Equality in Government

Analyzing historical pay data, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) found in a new report that female federal employees earn 87 cents for every dollar their male counterparts earn.

The OPM report was issued in response to President Obama’s May 10, 2013 memorandum on Advancing Pay Equality in the Federal Government and Learning from Successful Practices.

The 2013 memorandum directed the OPM director to develop a strategy for addressing any gender pay gap in the federal workforce. The strategy was to consider whether changes to the General Schedule (GS) classification system were needed, whether guidance for agencies to promote greater transparency around salaries was necessary, and recommendations for additional administrative or legislative actions or studies.  

OPM examined historical pay data and found no indication that changes to the GS system were necessary to address the gender pay gap. OPM offered five recommendations for administrative actions or studies to address the gender pay gap, including:

  • Working with agencies to clarify the range of GS pay-setting flexibility and share best practices on setting starting salaries in gender-neutral ways.
  • Developing guidance for agencies to conduct their own gender data analysis, review starting salary trends and use of pay-setting flexibilities, and review promotion data to determine if gender equity issues are apparent.
  • Exploring the need to conduct additional governmentwide statistical analysis to obtain a better understanding of gender pay trends for specific categories of employees not included in OPM’s initial data review.
  • Working with agencies to share best practices and develop recruitment and outreach strategies for growing female populations in occupations they are underrepresented in.
  • Working with agencies to share best practices and develop guidance for when to consider work schedule changes for employees to part-time.

To access the full report, Governmentwide Strategy on Advancing Pay Equality in the Federal Government, click here

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