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OPM Issues Deadline for Special Rates Pay Requests

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issued a new memorandum notifying federal agencies that they have until Oct. 14th to request special pay rates for hard-to-fill jobs for 2017.

In the case of tough-to-fill positions, OPM has the authority to set special rates for certain occupations, grades or locations, but agencies must prove they are currently facing challenges, or anticipate likely challenges in recruitment or retention.

Additionally, the memo also stated that, “OPM conducts periodic reviews of existing special rates to see if they should be terminated, reduced, or increased based on recent staffing considerations.”

Those working in the feral workforce in such areas as law, medicine, engineering or law enforcement may be authorized to receive special rates. OPM may exercise this authority when non-federal pay rates are significantly higher than federal pay in the same geographic area or occupation; when a job is in a remote location or includes “undesirable” working conditions; or “any other circumstances OPM considers appropriate.”

The memo also stated, “Depending on pay adjustments, if any, made in January 2017, OPM may terminate some special rate schedules because higher locality rates apply at all steps of each covered grade, or certain grades or steps of a special rate schedule may be discontinued because higher locality rates apply. OPM may also terminate some special rates because the applicable locality rate is equal to the special rate.”

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