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OPM Instructs Agencies to Examine Telework Data

recent memorandum from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) requested that agencies, along with their human resources staff and telework managing offices, examine their telework reports to assess the accuracy of the data.

“OPM has discovered telework data collection and reporting remains an area of challenge for agencies,” the memo said.

The memo stated that OPM intends to use the data to meet their annual Congressional reporting requirements under the 2010 Telework Act – which requires OPM to produce an annual telework report for Congress and to analyze the data, specifically how it contributes to agencies’ goals, especially employee engagement. 

The memo closed by saying:

“OPM will initiate a series of agency meetings that will bring together HR directors, TMOs, and payroll providers to identify and discuss steps and assistance needed to ensure accurate data reporting to the Enterprise Human Resources Integration system. Based on these meetings, OPM will assess the need for additional guidance or consultation with individual agencies.”

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