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OPM’s How-to Guide on Engaging the Federal Workforce

Agency managers and executives looking for tips and tricks on how to boost your Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) scores, look no further.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently released a white paper on employee engagement entitled “Engaging the Federal Workforce: How to Do It & Prove It.”

The paper offers a discussion of research and theory on employee engagement, as well as a definition and model of employee engagement prepared by OPM’s industrial psychologists. 

OPM defines employee engagement as: “The employee’s sense of purpose that is evident in their display of dedication, persistence, and effort in their work or overall attachment to their organization and its mission.”

The paper walks through various definitions of employee engagement and factors research have found to contribute to engagement.

The paper also offers best practices and areas agencies should invest in and improve, such as leadership training, performance management, job design, and communities of practice.

“There is substantial opportunity to improve employee engagement in the near future. Systematic implementation of strategies to improve engagement will drive the increases in organizational effectiveness associated with highly engaged employees,” OPM writes in the paper’s conclusion.

Read the full white paper: “Engaging the Federal Workforce: How to Do It & Prove It” 

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