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OPM Calls for Presidential Rank Award Nominations

recent memo from the Office of Personnel Management’s Acting Director Beth Cobert opened the process for Senior Executive Service (SES) nominations for the Presidential Rank Awards.

“This program is administered to support the goals of the President’s Management Agenda People and Culture initiative to ‘Build a World-Class Federal Management Team Starting with the Senior Executive Service,” Cobert said in the memo.

The memo went on to state that “nominees must meet stringent personal and professional standards” and will be “subject to an extremely rigorous review and vetting process.”

Out of the entire SES corps, only 1% is eligible to receive the rank of Distinguished Executive and only 5% is eligible to receive the rank of Meritorious Executive. Current and former public- and private-sector officials make up the review boards that will choose finalists. Additionally, those who receive the rank of Distinguished Executive are awarded a monetary prize equivalent to 35% of their annual basic pay, and those who are given the rank of Meritorious Executive are awarded a monetary prize equivalent to 20% of their rate of annual basic pay.

“This is an excellent opportunity to identify the individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to your agency’s effectiveness on a sustained basis,” Cobert said. “I encourage you to draw on all segments of your executive workforce to identify this select group.”

The deadline for nominations is January 6, 2017.


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