OPM Asks Departing SES Members to Compete Exit Survey

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) will soon begin soliciting feedback from departing senior executives as they leave the government, according to a March 22 memo.

The exit survey is designed to capture information regarding the circumstances under which senior executives leave the federal government, and for those executives to have an opportunity to provide candid feedback about their work experience.

OPM hopes that the survey will allow agencies to explore and better understand issues that affect retention and succession planning efforts.

The survey, available online, takes about fifteen (15) minutes to complete, and participants would remain anonymous and their responses confidential.

The survey will ask a range of questions, including why they are leaving the agency, where they are going, and what they would change about their work experience. The survey will also capture demographic information, such as age, length of tenure in government and the SES, and type of appointment.

The survey was developed collaboratively by OPM, the Senior Executives Association (SEA), the Partnership for Public Service, agency representatives and current SES members.

Carol Bonosaro, president of SEA, said she hopes the feedback and insight gained from the survey “enables us to make the SES more attractive.”


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