OPM Advises Agencies on Planned Furloughs

The Office of Personnel Management issued new guidance last week on the application of federal employee furloughs. Automatic, across-the-board cuts were set to go into effect Wednesday if Congress did not agree on a resolution to the fiscal cliff. The approval of a measure to prevent tax increases from taking effect while delaying a potential sequestration for two months postpones the possibility of any automatic cuts from taking effect until late February.

The new guide advises agency human resource officers on the difference between administrative furloughs and furloughs resulting from government shutdowns because of the ability to give adequate advance notice to agency employees as well as more time to plan the spending reductions.

“An administrative furlough is a planned event by an agency which is designed to absorb reductions necessitated by downsizing, reduced funding, lack of work or other budget situation other than a lapse in appropriations,” OPM’s guide states.

The guide also states that agencies will be responsible for the identification of impacted employees and notifying the affected employees. If an agency must furlough employees for longer than 30 calendar days, the agency must provide the employees with 30 days’ notice.


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