OMB Wants to Eliminate and Consolidate 376 Redundant and Unnecessary Reports

The Office of Management and Budget is working to eliminate or consolidate more than 375 agency reports due to Congress that are either redundant or unnecessary.

OMB published a list on last week that outlines the targeted reports. OMB was required to develop a list of unnecessary or duplicative reports in its fiscal 2014 budget under the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010.

Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., a lead sponsor of the GPRA, said he will work with other members of Congress to eliminate the reports in question.

“Over the years, federal agencies have been instructed to expend considerable staff time and other resources producing thousands of reports, yet we never look back to see if these reporting requirements might be outdated, duplicative or even relevant,” Warner said in a statement. “If these reports are sitting on a shelf collecting dust, then it’s time for them to go. Congress should take every opportunity to create a more effective and efficient government, and the elimination of these outdated reports is one step in that direction. We will review this information and work with the agencies and OMB to introduce legislation that will eliminate or modify these unnecessary reporting requirements.”

All in all, OMB proposed to eliminate 269 reports: 70 reports from the Department of Defense, 31 reports from the Department of Homeland Security, 29 reports from the Office of Director of National Intelligence, 28 reports from the Department of Health and Human Services and 27 reports from the Department of Agriculture.

OMB also recommended to consolidate another 47 reports, decrease the frequency of 31 reports and streamline 29 reports.

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