OMB Pushes for Presidential Transition Materials

In a recent memo, the Office of Management & Budget (OMB) Director Shaun Donovan instructed agencies to prepare a “complete current services baseline” rather than a traditional formal budget request, directing them to wait until the new administration or its transition team is in place. 

Agencies were told to “proceed with your internal review procedures to prepare information to help the next administration quickly produce its budget,” and budget planners were instructed to work with OMB to develop current service estimates at the program level, including staffing levels and personnel costs.

Additionally, the memo requested that issues that “may require attention” be identified for the next administration, including changes due to pending legislation or policy implementation. Agencies should highlight significant spending changes and where the incoming administration will have to make immediate decisions.

A current services baseline estimates existing program costs and assumes no policy changes, and the goal of gathering this information is to give the incoming administration what they need to make their own policy decisions. A new law signed by the president in March will also aid in the presidential transition by requiring the General Services Administration (GSA) to designate a career employee to serve as transition czar and each agency to name a senior career employee for each major component or subcomponent to oversee the transition.

The deadline to get this information back to OMB is September.

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