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New Performance-Based Policy for Layoffs at DOD

A new policy at the Department of Defense (DOD) now allows the agency to lay off civilian employees based on performance.

The policy change was included in the fiscal 2016 National Defense Authorization Act and is significantly different from broader federal government policy, which takes into account an employee’s length of service with the government.

Under this new rule, the initial consideration will be made based on the average of the two most recent performance scores an employee has received over the last four years. If employees receive the same rating, tenure will be the second factor considered. For employees who have the same score and have served in the government over the same length of time, a more detailed look at each category of a performance review will be considered. Veterans preference is the final tiebreaker should it be necessary.

Defense civilians will also be broken down three groups:

  • limited term appointment employees
  • career conditional employees who have permanent jobs, but less than three years of experience
  • permanent employees who have more than three years of experience

Layoffs will start with limited term appointees before moving onto those with less than three years of experience and finally permanent employees. 


Image: "Pentagon repair" by Thad Zajdowicz used under CC BY 2.0.

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