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MSPB Releases Report on Barriers to Removal

The U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) recently released the results of a survey they conducted in 2016, asking supervisors, managers, and senior executives “If a subordinate employee engaged in serious misconduct are you confident that you would be able to remove that employee?”

Respondents were split, with about half saying yes, they were confident they could remove such a person, while the other half responded no. Participants were also asked about the factors that most influenced their view that a removal could not occur, with the greatest perceived barriers to removal being the agency’s culture toward taking such actions and the level of support given by managers and leaders.

Ranking third and fourth among perceived barriers to removal was the quality of service provided by the human resources (HR) office and the level of proof required by law.

“Overall, the perceptions reported by supervisors indicate that there is not just one barrier that poses a challenge to removing employees,” read the report. “But, it also shows that many of the strongest barriers that potential proposing and deciding officials face come from within their own agencies.  The good news for agencies is that if agencies are the source of the problem, then they can be the source of the solution.”


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