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Longtime President of Senior Executives Association to Retire

Last week the Senior Executives Association (SEA) announced that its longtime President, Carol Bonosaro, will retire on November 4.

Bonosaro, who served as a member of the SEA Board of Directors from 1981-1986, Chair of the Board from 1983 to 1986, and as President from 1986 to the present, will become President Emeritus upon retirement.

“It is with very mixed feelings that I leave the Association. After 25 years in government, and 29 years as President of SEA, however, it is time that I ‘smell the roses,’” said Bonosaro. 

“I have been extremely fortunate to do work about which I am passionate and to meet and interact with talented career executives with critical responsibilities, many of whose accomplishments have been extraordinary. It’s been an incredible journey, but I am looking forward to my new role and helping to ensure that SEA will continue to be successful in representing the interests of the career Federal executive service,” Bonosaro continued.

Bonosaro’s accomplishments while leading SEA, according to the association, are:

  • Creating the SEA Professional Development League’s annual Presidential Distinguished Rank Award banquet in 1986 which recognizes the excellence Senior Executives bring to government
  • Playing a key role in ensuring the substantial executive pay raise resulting from the 1989 Ethics Reform Act and which was critical to attracting and retaining competent career leadership
  • Leading the Association’s successful effort to overturn the STOCK Act requirement for Internet publication of executives’ annual financial reports, protecting not only privacy but also certain national security concerns that were never considered in the original law
  • Creating the Distinguished Executives Advisory Network to leverage their significant knowledge and accomplishments to support the SEA’s thought leadership for effective government management.

In an exit interview with The Washington Post, Bonosaro predicted continued assaults on the federal workforce, pay and benefits.

The association noted that an announcement of the new SEA president will be made in the coming weeks. 

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