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Bill to Streamline Hiring Awaits the Signature of the President

Monday the House sent to the desk of the President the 2015 Competitive Service Act, which would allow agencies to collaborate on competitive service certificates when looking to fill a position in the same occupational series and similar grade level.

Under the current system, agencies with comparable hiring requirements cannot share assessments of applicants with each other.

While a Senate report found the current process leads to “duplicative work,” the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) does not believe these legislative changes will have a large impact on federal hiring.

“Based on information from the Office of Personnel Management,” the cost analysts wrote, “CBO expects that without a formal and structured human resources process to share assessments between agencies few managers would use this authority.”

Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT), one of the original sponsors, defended the bill, saying, “The Competitive Service Act strengthens the federal workforce while saving taxpayers money.”

Lawmakers have lauded this as a step in the right direction to improve federal hiring, with applicants more likely to be hired and agencies able to choose from already vetted individuals.

President of the Federal Managers Association (FMA), Patricia Niehaus, has also said the measure would improve federal recruiting efforts.

“One of the main deterrents into a federal career is the cumbersome hiring process,” Niehaus said. “By providing agencies with access to highly qualified candidates who already went through a rigorous assessment, the Competitive Service Act allows for greater efficiency in the hiring process.”


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