Hear it from WAEPA - January is one of Best Times to Review Financial Planning Decisions

The first month of a new year is one of the best times to review the state of your family's financial affairs and plan for your family's future. One of the most common financial planning mistakes that people make is failing to review and update their life insurance. As your life changes, so does your need for life insurance. Significant events such as getting married, starting a new job, purchasing a new home, the birth of a child, or the start of a child's college education all impact the level of life insurance your family needs.

As with any major purchase, before buying or adjusting the amount of your life insurance coverage, it is important to know all the facts so you can make wise decisions. WAEPA provides a FREE Online Protection Quiz and Needs Analysis Worksheet to help you determine the amount of life insurance your family really needs.

For those of you who need additional coverage, here is a way to meet that need, and at the same time save money. Worldwide Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies, WAEPA, www.waepa.org, is a non-profit association that has been saving money for federal employees since 1943:

Premium Rates

                                  FEGLI      FEGLI Option    Coverage
Age           WAEPA        Basic          A & B            Savings

25               2.3¢          15.0¢          3.0¢                85%
30               2.6¢          15.0¢          3.0¢                83%
35               3.1¢          15.0¢          4.0¢                79%
40               4.3¢          15.0¢          6.0¢                71%
45               6.2¢          15.0¢          9.0¢                59%
50               9.4¢          15.0¢         14.0¢                37%
(Premiums shown are bi-weekly rates per $1,000 of insurance coverage)

Saving money is always important, particularly for federal employees in today's economic climate of multi-year wage freezes, rumors of job furloughs and potential benefit reductions. To determine how much money YOU can save with WAEPA as compared to the federal government program use the SAVINGS CALCULATOR. You will be surprised how much money you can save on the life insurance coverage your family actually needs.

Perhaps you determined that you really don't need any additional coverage at this time. But how would you like to pay significantly less than you currently do? Once again, the SAVINGS CALCULATOR will illustrate how much money you can save.

Why Federal Employees, just like you, choose WAEPA

Better Insurance

• Coverage for you up to $750,000. (FEGLI Basic coverage is determined by your annual pay).
• Coverage for your spouse up to $250,000. (The FEGLI maximum is $25,000).
• Coverage up to $750,000 for your non-dependent adult children. (A benefit not offered by FEGLI).

Better Prices

• WAEPA offers lower premium rates on Basic Coverage (As much as 85% less).
• WAEPA offers lower premium rates on Optional Coverage (As much as 53% less).
• WAEPA offers lower premium rates on Dependent Coverage (As much as 47% less).

Better Value

• Premium Refunds - over $58 million in premium refunds since 1996. (FEGLI has never granted a premium refund).
• In 2011 alone, WAEPA policyholders received over $6.8 million in premium refunds.
• Policyholders' children are eligible for WAEPA's College Scholarship Program (Over $120,000 in annual awards).

The Bottom Line

... is that WAEPA enables federal employees, and their families to purchase better life insurance at far better prices. As a superior alternative, or supplement to FEGLI, WAEPA gives its members more coverage, more benefits, and greater flexibility - yet costs much less.

Start Saving Today! (And Become Eligible For Future WAEPA Premium Refunds)

• Visit www.waepa.org to download an application.

• Call 1-800-368-3484 to speak with a Customer Services Representative. (As a non-profit association, WAEPA does not use agents or telemarketers).

• Questions or requests for information can be e-mailed to info@waepa.org.

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