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Government Makes Progress on Hiring People with Disabilities

Last week the Obama Administration announced that the government is well on its way to meeting the challenge issued by the President to hire 100,000 people with disabilities into the federal workforce within five years.

Between 2011 and 2014 the government hired nearly 72,000 full-time permanent employees with disabilities, Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Acting Director Beth Cobert wrote in a blog post announcing the release of a new report on the employment of people with disabilities.

When part-time permanent employees are included, the count rises to nearly 80,500. Including temporary employees, the government total is in excess of 115,000.

According to OPM figures, there are now more people with disabilities working for the government, in terms of real numbers and percentage share, than any time before in 34 years of available records. In just the past year, the percentage of those with disabilities working for the government rose from 12.8 percent to 13.6 percent, with 16.4 percent of new hires with disabilities hired at the GS-14 and 15 levels.

“In my view, we need people with disabilities in every agency and at every level of Federal service if the government is going to provide the excellent service that the American people expect and deserve. We cannot fulfill our mission without such diversity,” Cobert wrote in the blog post, noting that agencies need to ensure employees are provided training and mentoring opportunities to help them succeed in government. 

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