Get $14,000 More Productivity Out of Each Employee Through Mobility – Meritalk Study Says

A new report by MeriTalk, “a public-private partnership focused on improving the outcomes of government IT,” found that mobility could make every federal worker $14,000 more productive each year if fully embraced and implemented. 

The report, which consisted of a survey of 209 federal employees at the GS-13 level or above, came to the $14,000 additional productivity figure by extrapolating response data and determining employees would gain an average of seven (7) additional hours of productivity each week if not for slow connections, limited access to data, and cumbersome security procedures. 

Respondents to the survey said that mobile access has many benefits. Forty-five (45) percent said they work more efficiently, thirty-four (34) percent said they feel more available to their team, twenty-eight (28) percent said they feel more “tuned in,” and twenty-eight (28) percent said they collaborate more frequently with colleagues. 

“Not only is mobile connectivity what Federal workers want, it can provide substantial productivity gains to Federal agencies. Just as large commercial companies have been doing for years, agencies should enable mobile connectivity. They need to embrace the growth in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend by investing in and deploying modern infrastructure improvements that deliver seamless connectivity, improved access, and increased speed of service,” said Anthony Robbins, vice president Federal, Brocade, which underwrote the research. 

While many federal employees enjoy having mobile access to their work, not all do. 

To help managers and IT executives better understand mobile work styles, the report breaks styles into four groups. Those groups include 1) the Curmudgeons, 2) the Moderately Mobile, 3) the Have Nots, and 4) the Office Wanderers. 

The productivity gains for each group differ, according to the report.  

To access the report, Feds on the Go: Network Needs for Maximum Mobility, click here. The press release detailing the report can be found here

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