Survey Shows Feds Wary of IT Reform

According to a new survey by the Government Business Council (GBC) and Dell, federal employees and managers have little confidence in the latest IT reform legislation –  the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA).

Enacted by Congress in December of 2014, this has been the most significant legislation on federal IT operations in the past 20 years, yet the survey finds many believe it will be more burdensome than helpful.

After polling more than 420 federal employees, only 10% were “confident” or “very confident” this legislation would reduce budget overruns, with 24% saying they were “somewhat confident.” Meanwhile 41% said they were “not confident at all” that FITARA will help federal agencies reduce budget overruns.

“FITARA is a good idea, but regardless you need a budget and our budget has been cut back to 1988 levels,” said one survey respondent.

While the main objective of FITARA is to improve the IT acquisition process, only 37% of respondents stated that they anticipate “major” or “modest” change. 

“FITARA is good in theory,” stated a survey respondent. “But the burden it has placed in terms of meeting requirements and delaying projects due to review processes has had real negative implications on the ground.”

FITARA was designed to consolidate IT decision making authority under agency CIOs, with a focus on giving department-level CIOs more authority over their own budgets and staff, as well as those of component agencies downstream. Still, some question its overall impact.

“The advantages of FITARA are entirely dependent on the skill, experience, and interest level of the CIO, which seems quite variable,” said a survey respondent.

Download the full survey here.



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