Federal Agencies See Increase in Official Time Spending

The Office of Personnel Management has released a report highlighting the amount federal agencies paid to employees for time engaging in union activity in fiscal 2014. 

In total, $162.5 million was spent on employees who were not performing their normal federal job.

In fiscal 2014, around 1.2 million non-postal federal workers were represented by a union. Employees spent 3.47 million hours on official time, though 37 agencies did decrease official time usage between fiscal years 2012 and 2014. Twenty agencies, however, saw an increase in official time usage between those two years.

Prior to the release of this report, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee moved forward with the Official Time Reform Act, aimed at preventing employees from counting days where they worked at least 80 percent of the time on union representational duties toward their retirement pensions. Employees would also be restricted from engaging in lobbying while on official time.


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