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NASPAA Launches FedCafé, Research and Discussion Forum on Federal Human Capital

Interested in research and discussion on federal human capital issues? Look no further than the Human Capital Network's FedCafé hosted by NASPAA.

 FedCafé “is a place where Feds meet academic researchers to share research and data to advance understanding of the federal workforce, strategic workforce planning, leadership, the next generation, retirement, pension reform, international comparisons and much more,” according to NASPAA Executive Director Laurel McFarland.

NASPAA is the organization and accreditor of over 300 graduate schools of public policy and administration in the U.S. and around the globe.

“We believe this [FedCafé]  is an excellent way to build a community dedicated to improving federal human capital and reaching as many individuals as possible that are able to participate in this important conversation,” said NASPAA’s McFarland. “Come and join us!" 

According to a NASPAA infographic for agencies, the FedCafé can be thought of as a “dating site” for research and collaboration. Participants from federal agencies or universities can submit what research projects or data they have to offer and what they’re looking for, and find a match in the FedCafé.

Schools can connect with federal agencies to create Capstone projects for graduate students; university faculty can offer research and analysis, find or post a case study, or search for data sets and research opportunities; and students can search for articles and research topics, and identify “micro-tasking” and research opportunities with other researchers or federal agencies.

To honor the launch of the FedCafé, the academic journal Public Administration Review is offering complimentary access to their Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Virtual Issue through December 15.


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