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Transportation, FAA to Regulate, Require Registration of Recreational Drones

This week Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and FAA Administration Michael Huerta announced the creation of a task force to develop recommendations for a registration process for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), also known as drones.

The task force is expected to have its recommendations by November 20, a short turn-around period that reflects growing concern at the FAA that recreational drone users are sometimes posing hazards to safety in the air.

Representatives from relevant agencies, as well as stakeholder groups, will participate in the task force and develop the regulations.

The FAA increasingly is receiving reports about potentially unsafe drone operations.

“These reports signal a troubling trend,” FAA Administration Huerta said.  “Registration will help make sure that operators know the rules and remain accountable to the public for flying their unmanned aircraft responsibly.  When they don’t fly safely, they’ll know there will be consequences.” 

The government will begin requiring drone operators to register their aircraft.

“Registering unmanned aircraft will help build a culture of accountability and responsibility, especially with new users who have no experience operating in the U.S. aviation system,” Transportation Secretary Foxx said.  “It will help protect public safety in the air and on the ground.” 

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