DoD Managers must Encourage Employees to Telework; OPM Offering Telework Training Courses

Managers at the Department of Defense (DoD) must make telework available to as many employees as possible without jeopardizing mission readiness, a recently published DoD policy said.

“Telework is a powerful tool, one that helps DoD maximize the agility it needs to operate in all kinds of conditions, while promoting workforce efficiency and quality of life,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Civilian Personnel Policy Paige Hinkle-Bowles in a release.

Managers must encourage employees to use a variety of telework options, the policy stated, from use during individual projects to full-time telework. If a manager rejects an employee’s request for telework, he will have to list the reasons for rejection in writing.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is also working to increase telework in other agencies and departments by offering online training for federal employees and managers.

Telework 101 for Employees and Telework 101 for Managers are posted for use on OPM’s website. The training courses cover telework essentials, skills and processes and other telework-related topics, according to OPM.

“Telework can help managers attract and retain the best qualified employees, provide them with uninterrupted blocks of time to work on key projects, and give their organization a way of functioning more effectively during crisis situations and other business interruptions,” OPM stated on the Telework 101 for Managers training. “The course…walks managers through the process of developing a program, selecting employees for telework, and managing effectively in a telework environment.”

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