Defense Secretary Ash Carter meets with Eric Schmidt

DOD Brings on More Silicone Valley Innovators

In an effort to join together innovation and disruptive thinking at the Defense Department, LinkedIn Executive Chairman Reid Hoffman, former U.S. Special Operations commander Bill McRaven and the Aspen Institute’s Walter Isaacson will join Alphabet’s – formerly known as Google – Eric Schmidt on the DoD’s Defense Innovation Advisory Board.

“I’ve charged them with keeping DoD imbued with a culture of innovation in people, organizations, operations and technology to support people who innovate; to support those creative figures in the Department who are willing to try new things, fail fast, and iterate; and to ensure we’re always doing everything we can to stay ahead of potential adversaries,” said Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

The board – which will be made up of 12 members and begin work this summer – was established in March and aims to advise the DoD on areas that are familiar to Silicon Valley companies, such as complex data analysis and the use of cloud applications.

“These are people who know something about innovation and have actually done it,” Carter said. “I want to learn from them things that we haven’t thought of that would be good for us. I’m not expecting them to know about defense. I know about defense, our people know about defense, that’s not my problem. I would like to know what’s going on in the outside world that I might not know about, that has proven successful, that might be applicable to us.”

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