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DHS Envisions Big Changes for the Future of the Federal Workforce

In a Federal News Radio exclusive, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) discussed the future of the federal workforce and how they’re using a recent authority to hire 1,000 new cybersecurity professionals.

“We’re not looking for 30-year-career employees,” said Angela Bailey, chief human capital officer for DHS. “We’re actually looking for folks that want to come in, they want to get this excellent experience and then they take it to the private sector, and then they come back again.”

Bailey continued by saying, “We are really okay with the fact that in some ways, you become an ambassador for us. If we at least create the best experience that we can, that you gain the most knowledge that can from this, and that you then take it to your private sector career, I don’t know that there’s any harm in that.”

Part of Bailey’s vision for enticing a “passport” workforce includes the ability to offer tailored pay and benefits packages rather than the traditionally defined packages that most General Schedule employees have now. She also highlighted increasing the student loan repayment program.

Read the full interview: DHS: ‘We’re not looking for the 30-year-career employee’ 

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