Defense Preparing for Reductions in Force in 2014

The Defense Department is preparing to layoff over 6,000 civilian employees in 2014 if sequestration continues, according to planning documents reported by Bloomberg News.   

The department is in planning stages for reduction in force (RIF) action in 2014 in order to be prepared to take such action if Congress does not eliminate mandatory budget cuts required by sequestration. A cut of $52 billion from the fiscal year 2014 Defense budget is mandated by law.   

Defense does not plan to furlough employees in the coming fiscal year, and will instead selectively cut the civilian workforce and contract positions. 

The planning documents indicate the Army could lose 2,100 civilians, 2,500 could be cut from Navy, and 1,500 Department-wide employees, most from the Defense Contract Management Agency, could be cut. 

The documents reported by Bloomberg were labeled “draft/pre-decisional,” so no final decision has been made yet. 


However, it has been predicted that many agencies will have to RIF employees if sequestration-induced budget cuts persist into the coming fiscal year and years beyond. FEDmanager will continue monitoring this issue and will provide an update as we hear about planning occurring within other agencies. 

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