Cost Cutting Measures have Saved Government $4 Billion, OMB says

Cost cutting measures through the Campaign to Cut Waste have resulted in savings of $4 billion, putting the federal government on track to meet its $8 billion savings goal by the end of fiscal 2013, Office of Management and Budget Acting Director Jeff Zients said.

Zients attributed the reductions to cost saving measures such as more efficient printing, fleet management and travel.

“But perhaps just as important as the savings themselves is the fact that they are indicative of innovative management practices federal agencies are implementing to get the most out of every dollar,” Zients wrote. “We are spending less money, and we’re spending it smarter in order to get the most bang for our buck.”

For example, Zients pointed to the Department of Agriculture’s consolidation of cell phone contracts, which resulted in the elimination of 1,700 unused phone lines and savings of approximately $4.7 million. The Department of the Air Force also began using digital document sharing as well as E-forms and E-publishing, achieving savings of over $80 million through the reduction of printing costs. The Social Security Administration achieved savings by reducing the number of vehicles in its fleet and modernizing their fleet with eco-friendly alternatives.

“The federal government is dotted with numerous examples just like these, where agencies are spending less and spending smarter,” Zients said. “And we anticipate more savings and more examples next quarter. President Obama and Vice President Biden have been clear: We must and will continue to improve our operations and ensure we provide efficient and effective services to the American people.”

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