Bill Introduced to Cut Duplicative Programs

A House Republican has introduced a bill that would reduce duplicative agencies and programs.

Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas, introduced on Tuesday a measure that would save the government $10 billion by consolidating redundant programs, based on reports from the Government Accountability Office.

“The federal government has a serious federal spending problem which has led to an unsustainable level of debt,” Culberson said in a statement. “We spend $10 billion a day, and $4 billion of that is borrowed from countries like China. Our annual income is $2.345 trillion, and 93.3 percent of that is automatically spent to pay for mandatory spending programs like Medicare and Social Security and interest on the national debt. After these obligations are met, we are left with only enough money to fund the federal government for 16.2 days. The rest of the year is funded with borrowed money. It is time to consider long-term solutions.”

The legislation has four co-sponsors and was referred to the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. The White House has also submitted draft legislation that would restore executive branch authority to combine and consolidate agencies.


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