Army to Implement Hiring Freeze

Senior leaders at the Army have been instructed to implement an agency-wide hiring freeze, according to a memorandum issued last week.

Agency officials were also told to terminate temporary employees and not to extend the appointments of term employees.

“No new tentative or firm job offers of civilian employment will be extended after the date of this memorandum,” wrote Thomas Lamont, assistant Army secretary for manpower and reserve affairs. “This hiring freeze will remain in effect until revoked in writing by me.”

The memorandum listed several exceptions, including persons with mission-critical jobs, civilians deployed in theater operations, employees directly supporting Wounded Warrior programs and substance abuse counselors.

Recruitment efforts were also curtailed by the memo.

“Internal recruitment actions that are limited to current Army employees may continue with an area of consideration no wider than the local commuting area associated with the position in question,” Lamont wrote.

The Army previously issued a separate guidance on Jan. 16 that addressed furloughs. According to the guidance, the Army can furlough employees up to 22 discontinuous work days, but should not start furloughs until April 16.

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