Four Days Before Shutdown, Path to Funding Bill Uncertain

According to a new Federal News Radio survey, a majority of federal employees feel confident Congress will pass another short-term continuing resolution. Sixty percent of those federal employees polled indicated they believe such an outcome is most likely.
Four days before (another) looming, prospective government shutdown, it remains to be seen whether the modest prediction that a shutdown will be averted is overly optimistic. Politico writes today that, “right now, no one on either side of the Capitol has any clear idea how this three-way funding fight will play out, but all the major factions are digging in. Lawmakers and aides said the House and Senate could end up ‘ping-ponging’ a spending bill back and forth until the issues are resolved, although some worry that Congress could blunder into a shutdown.”

Currently, Republicans appear to be basing their hopes on Speaker Ryan’s intended introduction of a short-term resolution funding the government through January 19th. But a number of sticking points – including the failure to address the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that many Democrats have indicated is necessary to secure a vote of support – make the success of the initiative questionable.

Further complicating ongoing negotiations amongst lawmakers is House Republicans’ plan to include an $81 billion disaster supplemental to their budget proposal, making it more difficult for members of either party to vote against, in light of the devastation to Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico this hurricane season.

Amongst the agencies impacted by a shutdown, the levels of preparation varied. According to Federal News Radio, just over 60 percent of survey respondents indicated their respective agencies were either “completely prepared” or “somewhat prepared” for a shutdown. Roughly 23 percent of respondents indicated their agencies were either somewhat unprepared or completely unprepared. Only 12 percent of the same surveyed federal employees indicated they believe it is “very likely” a shutdown will occur on December 22nd.


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