FLRA Unveils New eFiling System

The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) has unveiled a new eFiling system, which it says “offers the federal labor-management community a simplified, more convenient way to submit case filings,” stating that the system was developed “primarily with the end user in mind” and “provides a more intuitive user experience, addressing customer feedback.”

The system is accessible at https://efile.flra.gov

According the FLRA’s release touting the new portal, new and enhanced features include:

  • A fresh, visually engaging design that incorporates the look, feel, and organization (by case type) of the FLRA’s website – www.flra.gov;
  • Navigation tabs that reduce scrolling (e.g., Profile, My eFilings, New eFilings);
  • Logical navigation, including a dynamic progress bar;
  • Type-ahead suggestions for completing agency and labor-organization fields;
  • Prompts to easily upload attachments without having to go to a different screen;
  • Additional prompts and drop-down boxes to provide required information;
  • Questions that are customized based on previous responses (i.e., built-in contingency questions);
  • Streamlined, plainly written instructional text;  The ability to upload only a legal brief (and attachments) for arbitration case filings; and
  • The ability to provide individual responses regarding each proposal or provision in negotiability cases.

“I am excited about the improved functionality and additional features that we have been able to build into the new eFiling System so that we can be responsive to both our internal and external customers’ needs,” said FLRA Chairman Colleen Duffy Kiko.  “Our internal team has developed a thorough and user-friendly application, which the parties will appreciate.” 

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