FEDtalk Covers New Commission Dedicated to Inspiring Americans to Serve their Country

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Last week, the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service released their interim report, setting the stage for the next year of action. Julie Perkins of Shaw, Bransford, & Roth P.C. hosted a discussion between Commissioner Mark Gearan and Max Stier of the Partnership for Public Service to learn more about what the commission is doing and what our public service needs it to do.

Commissioner Gearan explains that the commission was originally created during the Obama administration when controversy emerged surrounding the selective service and questions regarding if women should be required to register or if the registry was necessary at all became prominent. This led then-Senators Harry Reid and John McCain to create the commission to focus on this issue as well as broader issues relating to national, military, and public service.

The Commission is a bipartisan group of 11-commissioners who will present policy recommendations to Congress is March 2020.

Stier highlighted the importance of the commission, explaining, “At the end of the day [our government] is the people that are in it that are most important. We need great talent in order to be able to thrive as a nation and right now, even before the shutdown, we had only 6 percent of the federal workforce under 30 and there are like five times as many people over the age of 60.”

The commission spent its first year traveling the country to learn about attitudes regarding service and discovering how to best conduct their mission. Commissioner Gearan explains that the commission found an outpouring of interest in service.

Gearan notes, “One thing we really have seen, and indeed the privilege of serving on this Commission, is the extraordinary wealth spring of interest in giving back to the country that exists. In our travels from big cities to small towns, to faith communities, to the business sector, to not for profits, one is struck by, as de Tocqueville said, that this is an extraordinary nation.”

The greatest problem the commission and Stier acknowledged is the lack of awareness among younger generations about ways to serve. Over the next year, the commission will continue working with groups like the Partnership for Public Service and hosting hearings across the country to develop dynamic solutions to this problem.

To hear more about the commission’s efforts listen to the full radio show here.

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