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Executive Order Makes Permanent Presidential Innovation Fellows Program

A White House initiative to bring innovative technologists into the government for short term stints will live on after the Obama Administration.

This week the President issued an Executive Order making permanent the Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF) Program.

“My hope is this continues to encourage a culture of public service among our innovators, and tech entrepreneurs, so that we can keep building a government that’s as modern, as innovative, and as engaging as our incredible tech sector is,” President Obama said. 

The PIF Program will be housed at the General Services Administration (GSA), according to a fact sheet. The Program was built on four key principles:

  • Recruit the best our nation has to offer: Fellows include entrepreneurs, startup founders, and innovators with experience at large technology companies and startups, each of whom leverage their proven skills and technical expertise to create huge value for the public.
  • Partner with innovators inside government: Working as teams, the Presidential Innovation Fellows and their partners across the government create products and services that are responsive, user-friendly, and help to improve the way the Federal government interacts with the American people.
  • Deploy proven private sector strategies: Fellows leverage best practices from the private sector to deliver better, more effective programs and policies across the Federal government.
  • Focus on some of the Nation’s biggest and most pressing challenges: Projects focus on topics such as improving access to education, fueling job creation and the economy, and expanding the public’s ability to access their personal health data.

Since the launch of the PIF Program in 2012, 96 Fellows have been recruited into temporary government service. Some Fellows have stayed on board. Profiles of select PIFs appeared on a White House-authored Medium post announcing the Executive Order.

“To all the Fellows who’ve served so far – thank you,” said President Obama.  “I encourage all Americans with bold ideas to apply.  And I can’t wait to see what those future classes will accomplish on behalf of the American people.”

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