Some Agencies have Recalculated Sequestration Cuts

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In a move that frees up billions of dollars for several federal agencies, the White House administration has recalculated the automatic, across-the-board cuts as they apply to a handful of agencies.

Sources claim the administration has identified nearly $5 billion in cuts that can be restored to agencies like the departments of Defense and Homeland Security, The Associated Press reported.


The sequestration, which started in March after lawmakers and the White House could not agree on a budget deal, required a 5 percent slash to operating budgets to most agencies and an 8 percent cut to Defense.

Agency budget officers have managed to stave off the majority of harmful effects so far by transferring money between accounts. The administration’s new calculations allowed the State Department to avoid furloughing its employees and the Food and Drug Administration said food processing plant inspections would not have to be curtailed.

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