• White House Holds AI Summit

    White House Holds AI Summit

    At a summit hosted on Monday, the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy gathered tech leaders from across the federal government to learn about current uses of artificial intelligence (AI) and discuss the technology’s future. The event focused on how the federal government invests in research and development, collects and provides vast data resources, and regulates the new technology.

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A Look Inside the White House

white house against blue sky

As we prepare for the peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next, President Obama gives one last tour through the White House and looks back on his 8 years spent in “the people’s house.”

New White House Report Warns of Sequestration

from the hill

In a new report released by the White House, the administration cautioned that the House of Representatives’ version of the government’s discretionary budget for fiscal year 2017 could prompt the return of sequestration.

Watch: 2017 National Memorial Day Concert

Memorial Day concert

Missed the live stream of the 28th annual National Memorial Day Concert Sunday, May 28th? Watch all the splendor from the West Lawn of the US Capitol now, courtesy of PBS.

White House Accelerates Cyber Hiring Spree

cyber cloud hiring

The federal government announced plans today to hire 3,500 cybersecurity and IT professionals by January 2017, building on the 3,000 it’s already hired in the first six months of fiscal 2016.



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