• OPM Encourages Leaders to Question Progressive Discipline Model

    OPM Encourages Leaders to Question Progressive Discipline Model

    In a memo to agencies and a guidance posted last week, the Office of Personnel Management is encouraging agencies to step away from progressive penalties and tables of penalties in deciding what disciplinary action to take against employees. The guidance was issued to assist in the implementation of White House Executive Order 13839, which pushed agencies to promote greater accountability in their offices.

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Fight Terrorism with the Space Program?


Public service is about serving others and a cause bigger than yourself. That sense of something bigger has drawn us toward incredible achievements in our history, like exploring space.

Identifying Training & Development Opportunities...One Day at a Time

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Although most federal employees and organizations agree on the need for and necessity of leadership development, it can be difficult for employees to find time away from the office or for agencies to provide the budget for on-going training. One option for federal employees to consider is shorter, just in time, training opportunities.

Women on the Rise: A Leadership Dialogue

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Federal employees and contractors are invited to join an exciting and dynamic afternoon with high-level women across government to hear about leadership, learning, and life-long lessons. Both men and women are encouraged to attend.



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