• OPM Orders Implementation of Workforce Executive Orders as Injunction Expires

    OPM Orders Implementation of Workforce Executive Orders as Injunction Expires

    The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has authorized agencies to begin implementation President Trump’s 2018 executive orders on workforce management and labor relations. Last week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit declined to hear the union appeal, triggering the expiration of an earlier court injunction against the orders.

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President Signs Presidential Transition Legislation

passing the baton

President Obama recently signed the Edward "Ted" Kaufman and Michael Leavitt Presidential Transitions Improvements Act of 2015, which would provide more time and resources for an administration to prepare its hand-off to the next.

FBI HQ Announcement Postponed Pending Congressional Funding

FBI headquarters

After announcing last fall its decision to delay the selection of a new FBI headquarters location until March of 2017, the General Services Administration (GSA) officially put the search on hold Friday.

Federal Buildings at Increased Risk of Attack Due to Mishandled Badges

man looking at his badge

Facilities managed by the General Services Administration are at an increased risk of vulnerability to shooters, terrorist attacks, and other unauthorized access due to the mishandling of identity badges, according to a pair of reports published by the agency’s inspector general.

GSA Announces Governmentwide Innovation Service

gsa innovation service

To help federal agencies take advantage of emerging technology and transition to more modern approaches to developing digital services, the General Services Administration announced its plans today to form the Technology Transformation Service (TTS).

GSA Begins the Presidential Transition Process

white house

Now that the conventions are over, the federal government and federal employees are focusing on the transition process for the outgoing Obama administration, and the new administration that will take over in January. As of August 1st, designated transition staff from the Clinton and Trump campaigns have moved into office space near the White House.

GSA Increases Per Diem Travel Rates for 2018

man flying

Traveling for work soon? Thanks to rising travel costs, the General Services Administration added $2 to the per diem rate for lodging in 2018.

How Websites Raise or Ruin Agency Trustworthiness

macbook on a desk

When a citizen has a burning tax question and they turn to the internet for answers, how are they to know whether the site is authentic, or just an excellent copycat?


OMB Pushes for Presidential Transition Materials


In a recent memo, the Office of Management & Budget (OMB) Director Shaun Donovan instructed agencies to prepare a “complete current services baseline” rather than a traditional formal budget request, directing them to wait until the new administration or its transition team is in place. 

Senators Scold IRS on Travel Expenses

from the hill

In a report released by the Senate Finance Committee, Republicans touted the need for Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees to better follow federal guidelines and per diem rates.



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